The Hiss Reet Wall – Partition, Windbreak and Screen Walls for Balcony, Terrace or Garden

Thanks to its decorative look, its weatherability, its easy fitting and the good sound insulation it provides the Hiss Reet wall is a great choice for balconies, terraces and the garden. The Hiss Reet wall not only protects you from wind and the looks from the neighbours it also allows you to give free rein to your imagination and to decorate and refurbish your balcony or your terrace according to your wishes. The advantage over simple screen wall screens lies in the sturdy design of the Hiss Reet walls.


The screen wall shown in our example has been fitted following these four steps: 1. Fitting the supporting structure: First, the supporting structure of the partition has to be fitted. For the base common 6 x 8 cm roof battens were used and fixed on the floor with metal hangers (also available in DIY stores). For the connection to the wall of the house we also used 6 x 8 cm roof battens. Here, you could also use the prefabricated wall connections by Hiss Reet, which are just screwed to the house wall.
2. Placing the partition: In a second step element after element is placed starting at the house wall. The last elements are cut to the appropriate height with a circular saw or a cutting-off wheel and the last element is cut to the appropriate width with pincers. The partition has been attached to the railing of the balcony with a t-square.
3. Protection against high wind loads: The high wind loads, which developed on this balcony on the fourth floor of a flat in Hamburg facing North-West made it neccessary to fit an additional diagonal 6 x 8 cm batten on timber studs in front of the windbreak.
4. Protection against weathering: To protect the ends of the stalks of the wind breaker against rain boards were screwed onto the timber studs. All wooden parts were treated with a wood preservative.