Hiss Reet Reinforcement

The Hiss Reet Reinforcement ist the traditional plaster base made of reed applicable for interior and exterior works. Hollow spaces within the reed spears and the rough surface of the reed provide an excellent surface of adhesion for plaster. Its resistance to bending ensures an efficient load-bearing capacity even with higher plaster thickness. The Rabitz cloth lath represents an ideal reinforcement for clay, lime and gypsum plaster. The Hiss Reet Reinforcement is produced without chemical additives. The spears are bound with a 0.5 mm thick galvanized binding wire and a 0.7 mm thick galvanized cross wire. The Hiss Reet Reinforcement is available in two grades: Hiss Reet Reinforcement Extra:
The Hiss Reet Reinforcement Extras is an extra strong reed fabric of exceptional quality. Thus it is suited to meet the demanding prerequisites as plaster base in pitched roof areas, curvatures and as sheathing. The Hiss Reet Reinforcement Etra is made of turkish reed containing handpicked, whole spears that are perfectly straight and of uniform thickness (0.7 – 1 mm). Dimensions Hiss Reet Reinforcement Extra:
2 m x 5 m
product data sheet (PDF-Document, 284 kb)