The Hiss Reet Wall – The Mobile Exhibition Stand System Made from Wood and Reed for Exhibition Stand Construction

With the Hiss Reet wall system you can also build great exhibition stands, thanks to the absorbing properties and the good sound insulation provided by reed, the simple and fast assembly, the attractive design and the high functionality. The standard sizes of the partitioning system allow for an easy planning of your exhibition stand. The accessories give you a lot of freedom in the creation of your stand and the presentation of your company. The flexibility of the individual wall elements, for example, allows you to plan and incorporate curved forms. Even if you are all thumbs the easy fitting of the Hiss Reet walls ensures a fast and inexpensive assembly of your exhibition stand. The lighting installation can be directly mounted to the timber studs or to the additional cross beams of the exhibition stand. Pictures, brochure displays, monitors and shelves can be easily fixed to the timber studs. The disposal costs are very low; the exhibition stand is easy to compost. The decorative look of the reed framed with wood creates a natural and organic atmosphere and conveys a healthy comfort. The rough surface of the reed of the Hiss Reet wall absorbs sounds and thus allows for relaxed communication.
The exhibition stand shown in the above example can be assembled in three steps:
  1. Building the supporting structure: In a first step the supporting structure of the exhibition stand is assembled. Timbers (8 x 20 cm) are cut to the size of the stand and placed on the floor. Then, the timbers are fixed with t-squares and perforated steel strips.

  2. Placing the partitions: The placing of the partitions began at the corner: Two prefabricated corner posts have been screwed to two of the partition elements and then placed on the supporting structure. Now, bit by bit, each wall element is placed and screwed to the preceding segment as well as to the supporting structure. The back wall of the exhibition stand is secured with an additional diagonal support.

  3. Fixing the wall connections: In a last step the wall connections are screwed to the respective last segments of the partitioning system, so that the milled grooves are hidden. Then, boards of 20 x 8 cm are screwed to the timber studs of the exhibition stand.