Hiss Reet Wall

The Hiss Reet Wall represents our modern ecological system of partition walls. It is mainly used as non-supporting wall for interior works and attic conversion. In the course of restoration the Hiss Reet Wall is also applicable as wall insulation. The Hiss Reet Wall can be applied on your balkony, terrace or in your garden serving as partition wall, view protection or windbreak. Futhermore, the Hiss Reet Wall finds applications in the construction of exhibition stands where it is used as mobile partition wall. Reed is a natural building material that has been known for centuries. We have provided this traditional building material with a modern touch by integrating post into the insulation panels creating our Hiss Reet Wall. The reed spears are pressed together tightly under pressure between two grooved fir forms and are bound with 2 mm thick galvanized wire. The Hiss Reet Wall is produced without any chemical bonding material using only hight quality reed. Thus it is especially well suited for constructing a healthy and allergic free living space. Furthermore, the Hiss Reet Wall fabrication requires a minimum of engergy input and can be disposed easily thus contributing to the preservation of ressources and the environment. The Hiss Reet Wall is complemented by special interior door units, door lintels, wall connectors, corner posts and reinforcement. The partition wall system is perfectly suited clay plaster or the installation of a wall-heating systems and provides a healthy, balanced room condition. Dimensions Hiss Reet Wall:
2,50 m x 0,625 m x 0,08 m Special measurements can be costum-made to your needs.
Product Data Sheet (PDF-Document, 288 kb) The mounting instruction of the Hiss Reet Wall: Here we show you how you can mount the partition wall by ourself. Example of useCAD-Drawings (PDF-Document, 116KB)