Assembly Instructions – Hiss Reet Wall

Step 1: Before the Assembly

For the fitting of a Hiss Reet wall you need the following tools:
  • Circular saw (alternatively a jigsaw or a cut-off wheel)
  • Pincer or side cutter
  • Cordless drill with a bit set and a drill set
  • Folding rule and a pencil
You should have the following materials:
  • Tar board (width: 18 cm)
  • Impact noise insulation (e.g. cork strips width 8 cm)
  • Roof battens (6 x 8 cm)
  • Screws (6 x 70 and 6 x 120)
  • Suitable wall plugs matching the screws (e.g. Fischer FU 8*50 and Fischer SX 6*30)
Preliminary Preparations:
Draw the intended course of the Hiss Reet wall on the floor. Try to be as accurate as possible.

Step 2: Mounting the upper and lower lathing

Then, fix the laths with screws and wall plugs. In the same way you should now fix a lath to the ceiling. In this case however you can do without the tar board and glue the strip of insulation material to the upper lathing to make things easier.

Step 3: Fixing the wall connections

Drill additional diagonal holes from the wall connection into the upper and lower lathing. Then, screw the wall connection. Proceed in the same way with the wall connection at the other end of the wall.

Step 4: Place the wall segments

Step 5: Place the adjacent wall segment

Now, place the following wall segment close to the last one.
Place segment after segment until the space between the last wall unit and the wall connection is smaller than the width of a Hiss Reet wall segment.

Step 6: Place the last wall segment

Now, place the last wall segment. To do so, measure the distance between the last wall segment and the connecting wall and cut the wall element to size. You can do this by cutting in two the wires of the wall element in the centre (illustration 1) and then bending them upwards (illustration 2).
You can do this by cutting in two the wires of the wall element in the centre (illustration 3) and then bending them upwards (illustration 4). Now, remove superfluous reed from the newly created wall-element-halves (illustration 5). Watch not to take out the wire clamps where the wall-element-halves will connect. This would lead to problems when you try to join the halves of the wall element together.
Join the two halves of the wall element together and twist the two upbent wires with a pincer (illustration 6). Now, fit the wall element to the preceding one. Screw the wall element through the predrilled holes to the preceding wall element and the connecting wall (illustration 7). Here, you will find our detailed fitting instructions for the partitioning system for an ecological interior finishing (PDF-Document 2.4 MB, German Language).