Exterior insulation with reed panels for a Timbered House

Because of their good value for money, their natural character and their vapor diffusion characteristics reed panels are suited for their application as an exterior insulation for ecological buildings.
A ecological rehabilitation of a one-family dwelling was done in co-operation with the architects Roswag & Jankowski und the plasterer Patrick Kaul. The subgrade was plastered with lime plaster. As an exterior insulation on the weather exposed side of the building (north-west) there were 12cm thick reed panels used. The south-east sude of the bulding was insulated with 8cm thick and partly with 5cm thick reed panels. Due to legal aspects the reed panels were declared as plaster carrier.
The basement surrouded by soil was insulated with inorganic styrofoam panels to minimize the danger of damages caused by dampness. The reed panels were set on the created pedestal. The change over was amored with rabitz cloth lath made of galvanized metal and then plastered.
To mount the reed panels they were pushed to the wall with a percussion drill holes are drilled in the subgrade in which the insulation anchor was inserted. The expansion anchor is spread with a plastic bolt, which has to be battened in the anchor.
For windows and doors connection the reed panels were placed to the window and door frames. The compressed tape builds a breathable and driving rain resitant caulking between the insulation and the fenestration.
After the mounting of the reed panels on the exterior walls of the house, that took four men about 2 days the lime plaster was pargeted in three Steps. At the beginning the plaster machine didn’t work with the badger hair reinforcement, so that the first layer of plaster had to be done hand.
To apply the second plaster layer at the right strength, battens that function as stoppers where installed on the inside of the haunches. After removing those battens the haunches where plastered.
After applying the finishing lime plaster the outer shell is finished. The inside stud walls of the house where filled with massive clay stones, after installing a reed reinforcement they where plastered with clay.

Teamwork with:

Roswag & Jankowski Architekten
Lehrter Straße 57 / Haus 4
10557 Berlin
www.werk-a.de Stukkateurmeister Patrick Kaul
Scherenbergstr. 10a
10439 Berlin