Expertise of the Thatcher and the People Involved

Many people are involved when building a thatched roof: The company which harvests the reed, the reed trader, the thatcher, the architect, the construction company and the house builder. To build a long-lasting thatched roof everybody has to contribute his bit. The company harvesting the reed has to ensure that the harvest takes place at the right moment, that the reed stalks are cut properly and that the reed gets enough time to dry.
The reed trader has to care about proper storage and that the reed is provided at the right moment and at the right place. The architect has to give good advice to the house builder and has to develop a sensible construction concept for the house. The construction company should coordinate the different trades and, finally, the house owner should be aware of his own responsibility and should carry out his own duties conscientiously. The expert knowledge and the expertise of the thatcher play a crucial role: On the one hand he is responsible for choosing and properly storing the thatching reed after having been supplied by the reed trader, on the other hand, he has to care about the expert thatching of the roof. There is always a difference between the expertise and the quality standards of the different thatching companies. That is reflected in the price of the thatched roof.
The more careful the thatcher works when thatching the roof, the less square meter he will be able to finish each day. That is why the price will rise in proportion to the square meters. But the better a roof is crafted, the longer will his potential lifespan be. That is why a less expensive roof will very often have a shorter lifespan. Errors on part of the thatcher always have a negative effect on the longevity of the roof.