Care and Maintenance of Thatched Roofs

The better a thatched roof is cared for and the better it is maintained, the more durable it is. A roof dirty with fir needles, leaves, moss and algae needs more time to dry than a clean roof. The wet, damp condition of the roof does in turn promote the growth of fungi which feed from cellulose and thus decompose the thatching reed. Timely and professional maintenance will multiply the lifespan of a roof. That is why the maintenance works are less expensive than they might seem to be. The opposite is also true. A lack of care will always have a negative effect on the longevity of the roof. The following measures can help your thatched roof:
  • Cleaning the thatched roof
  • Butting the thatched roof
  • Controlling algae and moss on the thatched roof
  • Trimming surrounding trees
    More information on the care and maintenance of thatched roofs can be found here.