Building a Thatched Roof

Get to know how which different methods exist to thatch a roof.

Maintenance and Care of Thatched Roofs

The more a thatched roof is looked after, the longer it will last. Get to know which measures help enlarging the life span of your thatched roof. Information about the maintenance and care off thatched roofs are available here.

Repairing a Thatched Roof

Storms, birds and martens can damage a thatched roof. How you can repair damages like these we will tell you here.

Types of Ridings

Get to know which possibilities and materials there are to design a ridge.

Maintenance and Care of Dormer Windows

To guarantee the function of your Hiss Reet Dormer Window for as long as possible we have some maintenance hints here.

Thatching Tools and Materials

A thatcher uses special tools and materials, get to know which ones right here.