Care and servicing of dormer windows

We have listed here some care measures for you, so that the Hiss Reet dormer windows keep their function also beyond the guarantee period. Please note that your right to claim under guarantee expires at non-compliance. Preparatory pine windows must be coated completely within six weeks. During the construction time and four months after that, all rooms must be aired daily for several hours, so that the danger of damage to the paintwork coming from building moisture can be minimized. If building conditions are to be carried out in winter, you should have the heating on and let some air in. Let some air in particularly if you have screed (stone floor) and plaster and stucco work. If there is condensed water at the window inside, you’d rather let some air in.

Masking the dormer windows (before painting):

So as to protect their surface, the dormer windows should be masked before the walls get plastered or painted. Use only special adhesive tapes for acryl varnishes, such as TESA 4438, TESA 4172, TESA 4840 or BESMA Ökotect. In case of using other types of adhesive tapes, part of the varnish can be torn off. The adhesive tapes should be removed again within a week. Do not use pointed objects for it. The cleaning of the windows should be carried out only with neutral all-purpose cleaners. Abrasives with solvents can damage the surface of the dormer windows. If the windows are cleaned directly after their installation, they are prone to danger of damages. Please consider that varnish and silicone need 2-3 weeks to harden completely. It is advisable to clean the drain slots of the rainwater rails after the construction time and clean the window panes in an environmentally appropriate way, which means with commercial microfiber clothes and lukewarm water. We recommend treating your Hiss Reet dormer windows at regular intervals. The surface can easily be treated with wood care milk which can be put on the wooden windows twice and on the weather-exposed side three times in a year. The care milk penetrates into the wood, preventing the penetration of humidity. Small rips can also be closed in this way. The German company Sikkens has developed for the care of wood windows a special care set which contains care milk, a cleansing sponge and a special cleanser. On request you can order from us the care set with instructions. In case of strong damages on the surface, you should, depending on the extent of the damage, completely repaint your dormer windows. Please proceed as follows:
  • Roughen the surface slightly with 220 grinding paper.
  • Paint two or three times with repair varnish or window varnish.
Take care not to paint the sealing gaskets of the window wings and the fittings. Remove the sealing gaskets before painting. Apply a coat of paint of a max. 1-2 mm to the glass sealing.
Carry out a servicing of the dormer windows once in a year as follows:
  1. Check the corners of the window frames and wings
    The joints of the several frame woods must be impermeable. If they have rips, they should be repaired with special preservatives for joints before humidity penetrates into the window and greater damages happen.
  2. Coat all fittings with grease.
  3. You should clean regularly the sealing gaskets and treat them with sealants, so as to maintain permanently the elasticity of the sealing gaskets.
  4. If your dormer windows can't be closed easily, you can use an appropriate tool for that. You can shift the window wing horizontally at the corner or when the wing is open at the scissor store.
Shifting the Roro fittings can only be executed by authorized specialist staff. Roto NT altering note (PDF-Dokument, 212 kb, German Language)