Hiss Reet Fence Units

The application of reed in the Hiss Reet Fence Units takes advantage of the natural characterisics of reed. Its resistance to water and moisture, its stability and elasticity and furthermore its aesthetics provide reed with all the requirements of an ideal garden building material. A further outstanding property of the Hiss Reet Fence Unit is its sound-absorbing nature that offers an excellent noise protection. The Hiss Reet Fence Unit is produced of very strong turkish reed and without the use of any chemical bonding material. Reed panels, 3 cm strong and bound with galvanized wire, are framed in planed wood (fir). The Hiss Reet Fence Units resemble the commonly known bamboo fences. But the advantage of the Hiss Reet Fence is that it is absolutely impossible to look though. The Hiss Reet Fence is set up on commercially available posts. The frames of the fence units are not impregnated and can be painted with a wood preservative of your choice (we recommend biological preservatives!).
Dimensions: 1.8 m x 2.0 m / 1.0 m
1.0 m x 2.0 m / 1.0 m Special measurements can be costum-made to your needs.