Hiss Reet Bird Houses

The Hiss Reet Bird Houses are manufactured like real thatched houses and represent the villas among the bird houses. A roof ridge made of heather and a roof covering made of densely bound reed ensure a dry and comfortable shelter for our feathered friends.

Hiss Reet Bird Villa

This is the most luxurious villa among the bird houses made of reed. Each single Hiss Reet Bird Villa is unique and exclusively made of high-quality material. The hand-crafted framework is made of robust douglas fir and jointed with dowels made of beech tree. The roof is manufactured by a thatcher from northern germany and represents high-quality work. We also produce our Hiss Reet Bird Villas according to your requests, e.g. in individual sizes or with plastered framework (see picture).

Hiss Reet Bird House Round

You as well as the birds will love the round Hiss Reet Bird House. The roof of densely bound reed will keep the bird seed dry in summer and winter and is suited for every garden or balcony. The substructure is made of nordish fir, the encasement of untreated birch tree, a waterproofed bottom plate guarantees a long durability. All components are joint together with screws. Costum-made timber-framed Hiss Reet Bird Villa.

Hiss Reet Bird House Round – big

Hiss Reet Bird House Round – Standard

Hiss Reet Bird House – Small

Hiss Reet Bird House Round – mini:

This Hiss Reet Bird House is provided with wire for hanging the bird house on your balcony or in your.

Wooden post

Posts made of birch tree are available for all types of Hiss Reet Bird Houses. Each post can be purchased in a heavy or a light design made of untreated birch tree.