Auxiliary material for roof covering

Coverage of the ridge

Hiss Reet Driller:
The Hiss Reet Driller is a tool to screw thatch roofs. It has a gummed grip in which a milled jackshaft with automatic return is integrated. At the end of the tool is a curved metal head. Length: 31 cm
Griplength: 27 cm, gummed, anti-slip with ear
Delivery including replacement head
Hiss Reet Wire in bars:
Hiss Reet Wire in bars are 4 – 8 mm galvanized wire bars, that is used for thatched roofs. The wire bars hold down the reed layers onto the substructure of the roof. Hiss Reet Wire in bars 4,6 mm x 3,0 m
25 kg per bundle Hiss Reet Wire in bars 6,0 mm x 3,0 m
25 kg per bundle Hiss Reet Wire in bars 8,0 mm x 4,0 m
25 kg per bundle
Hiss Reet Binding Wire:
Binding Wire is Chrome Nickel wire, that is used for binding, sewing or screwing thatched roofs. The binding wire is bound around the roof batten and pulls down the wire in bars onto the reed layers. Chrome Nickel wire 1,0 mm
delivered in rings of 15 – 20 kg Chrome Nickel wire 1,2 mm
delivered in rings of 15 – 20 kg Chrome Nickel wire 1,4 mm
delivered in rings of 15 – 20 kg
On demand we can deliver Chrome Nickel wire in bars of 1m, 1,2 m und 1,5 m length.
Hiss Reet Thatching Screws
Thatching screws are 5 x 35 assy countersunk head screws. Around the screws there is a 1 mm strong Chrome Nickel wire bound. The screws are galvanized or NIRO (rustless). The screws are delivered in packeages of 100 screws. Thacthing Screws S
Wire length 35 cm Thacthing Screws L
Wire length 50 cm Thacthing Screws XL
Wire length 60 cm Thacthing Screws XXL
Wire length 100 cm
Hiss Reet Screwdriver Extension (for cordless screwdriver)
Screwdriver extensions are extensions, which are used to screw thatching screws through the reed layer into the roof batten. Hiss Reet Screwdriver Extensions are made for assy (or tolk) headed screws. Both ends are usable. Screwdriver Extension S, Assy
Length: 35 cm Screwdriver Extension L, Assy
Length: 50 cm Screwdriver Extension XL, Assy
Length: 60 cm Screwdriver Extension XXL, Assy
Length: 100 cm