Reed Screens as blindings for the FIFA WM Fan Fest 2006 in Berlin

In the year of the WM 2006 the event planning-agency Sandevents was asked to organise a sand sculpture festival on the „Strasse des 17. Juni” in Berlin. With over 9.000.000 visitors it became the most visited sand sculpture festival ever. 1000 tons of sand were brought. In the midst of it all: Reed screen walls from Hiss Reet, which helped to create the setting for the temporary biggest city beach. Reed Screens are the ideal screen walls for beach clubs and big events. As a beach decoration they make people feel close to the Caribbean. The only things missing are canvas chairs, cocktails and sunshades. The reed Screens do not only serve as screen walls – mounted on a wood construction they can as well serve as sunscreen and offer protection from the sun for large areas. Mats from Hiss Reet as screen walls for the FIFA WM Fan Fest 2006 in Berlin All pictures courtesy of Sandevents, the specialist for beach events, beach clubs and events with sand.