How to Turn a Grey Court Yard into a Small Tropical Island with an Integrated Bar

Due to their decorative look and their high weatherability reed panels are an excellent choice when it comes to decoration. Reed panels can create a Caribbean flair in the Tiki-style or can be used as a kind of African decoration. Whether it is decoration for a special event, a party, your bar, club or garden – Reed always looks great and is sturdy at the same time. In contrast to screen wall screens the reed panels of a thickness of up to 12 cm are absolutely opaque, noise insulating and much more durable. Furthermore the panels have a higher rigidity and are easier to fit. As a part of a TV show the court yard of a flat share in Cologne was redecorated with the help of reed panels. Reed panels of a thickness of 2 cm were used as African decoration to create a tropical ambience. Additionally 5 cm strong reed panels were used to cover the roof of the bar.
In a first step laths (2900 x 30 x 50 mm) were screwed to the wall of the court yard. Then, the reed panels were screwed to the lathing. This has the advantage of ensuring proper ventilation and consequently preventing a premature rotting process. The reed panels are placed on a base, so that they do not come in direct contact with the floor. So they cannot draw moisture and will last longer.
After the decoration of the walls the bar was built. Carpenter Uwe Feddern from Bad Oldesloe built the massive supporting structure from spruce beams. Spruce was also used to panel the supporting structure. To make the roof over the bar rainproof Delta Vent film was applied and attached to the wall with caulking strip. In a last step the reed panels were cut to size and screwed on the roof of the beach bar. The result is quite impressive. The African decoration gives the court yard a unique character.