Hiss Reet Screens Exclusive

The Hiss Reet Screens Exclusive are made of peeled reed which provides them with a high-quality visiual appearance similar to bamboo. The Hiss Reet Screens Exclusive can function as view protection and windbreak or as decoration for your balcony, garden, terrace or your party and event.

Hiss Reet Screen Exclusive – fine

The Hiss Reet Screen Exclusive – fine ist produced of approximately 150 unpeeled fine spears per running meter that are bound with PVC coated wire. The diameter of the spears is up to 7 mm.

Hiss Reet Screen Exclusive – Standard

The Hiss Reet Screen Exclusive –Standard is made of peeled reed spears that resemble bamboo. Approx. 100 spears of a diameter of up to 10 mm per running meter are bound with nylon or galvanized wire.

Hiss Reet Screen – Deluxe:

The Hiss Reet Screen Deluxe is produced of exquisite unpeeleed reed spears of golden colour that offer a high-quality visual appearance. 100 spears per running meter (diameter of up to 10 mm) are bound with galvanized wire.
All types of Hiss Reet Screens are available in a roled up state in different dimensions: 1.0 m / 1.2 m / 1.4 m / 1.6 m / 1.8 m / 2 m x 6 m