Hiss Reet Panel

The Hiss Reet Panel is the classical insulation material made of reed. The panels are applicable as interior, exterior wall or roof insulation. The Hiss Reet Panels can also be applied as insulation for the ceiling or as view protection and windbreak in your garden. The Hiss Reet Panel has the advantage of combining in one panel the function of thermal insulation and plaster base.

Air-filled hollow spaces within each individual reed spear and air layers between the reed spears provide the Hiss Reet Panel with its very high level of thermal protection and noice reduction.

The Hiss Reet Panel is an ecological insulation material made of renewable ressources that is produced without chemical bonding material. The reed spears are pressed together tightly under pressure and are bound with galvanized wire. With our reed insulation you integrate part of nature into your house providing a healthy living space. The energy-saving way of producing our Hiss Reet Panels and their ecologically friendly disposal preserve ressources and protect the environment. The Hiss Reet Panel can be excellently combined with clay or lime plaster and with wall heating systems.

The Hiss Reet Panel is part of our own production using handpicked, especially strong, yellow turkish reed.

The spears are acurately bound with 2 mm thick galvanized wire. The binding and composition of the reed were optimized for its function as thermal insulation (product data sheet, PDF document 484 kb, only in german language). Insulation panels of standard hight or of individual customer-produced hight facilitate the installation.

Hiss Reet Panel

Competitor Reed Panel

product data sheet (PDF-document, 484 kb)